Seller Experience

Selling a home in today’s market can provoke a number of questions...
How much is my property worth?  How should I price my home based on supply and demand?  Should we consider offers first come, first serve or wait some time to ensure enough people get through the property?  A friend of mine has expressed interest in buying our home – is this the smartest route for us?  Should my home be staged, or does it look fine the way it is?  Should we fix the flooring prior to going live on the market or will the demand simply sell the home itself?  What type of marketing should we be doing in order to reach as many people as possible?  How should we react to a bully offer?  How do I know if the buyer is going to fulfill their end of the agreement?
These are just some of many questions to consider when selling your home… and it’s easy to see how the process can be overwhelming.
The good news is, when you work with our team, we put your mind at ease knowing we have answers to all of the above questions, and then some.  For over a decade, we have prided ourselves on offering our selling clients top of the line service and incredible results.  In fact, when you compare us to other Realtors®, our listings sell for an average of 3.2% more*.  That is a lot of money back in our client’s pocket!
How are we able to do this?  By creating a custom plan tailored to each individual need, offering complimentary home staging, implementing the best marketing plan around and by giving sound real estate advice from start to finish.
When it comes to selling homes, our goal is the same every time; maximize the sale price in a reasonable amount of time and ensure the deal closes.
There is never a cost or obligation in having us out to your property, and at the very least, we will allow you to make an educated decision for the sale of one of your largest assets.  If you or anyone you know is in need of selling a property, reach out to our team today!
*Based on our own market research comparing the style of homes sold in the same neighbourhood and time frame.